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West Cyclades II



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Day 1: Lavrio - Kea (2.5h)

Our trip starts on Saturday from Lavrio/Athens. Our trip starts and the first place we will sail to is Kea island. Our destination is the cove of Koundouros, located at the southeastern coast of the island. Koundouros is a quite cove, with many of sailing yachts and small motor boats visiting on a regular basis. It’s a nice place for swimming and offers good shelter to northern winds, which makes it a good choice to spend the night.

Day 2: Kea - Serifos (5h)

Serifos is the next island to the south of Kythnos and is recognisable by its domed shape. The main port of Serifos is Livadi  to the south east of the island and is at the head of a spectacular bay. The quay is often crowded, but anchoring near the beach is no problem although sometimes two ‘hooks’ are advisable. The famous chora of the island should definitely be visited.

Day 3: Serifos - Sifnos (2h)

Sifnos lies just 9 miles to the south east of Serifos across the Sifnos channel. The channel can often be ‘quite fresh’ as the north easterly wind funnels between the two islands. Kamares on the north western side of the island is the main ferry port of the island and lies at the head of a large bay providing good shelter. This is a good place from which to visit the villages of Apollonia and Kastro inland.


Day 4: Sifnos -Serifos (1.5h)

Today we are starting the way back to Athens and we will return to Serifos where we could explore more the southern beaches of the island.

Day 5: Serifos - Kythnos (4.5h)

On day 5, we will sail to Kythnos island. The Kolona bay is ideal for swimming and relaxing as it offers very good shelter from all wind directions. The landscape is rare, as a sandy beach cuts the bay at two sides. We can spend the night at Merichas, the main port of Kythnos island where we can find plenty of small taverns with great seafood.

Day 6: Kythnos - Sounio (4h)

After a nice breakfast we will sail to the Cape of Sounio. Enjoy your swim and relax under the spectacular Temple of Poseidon, a place that you could also visit by taxi (5 minutes away from the shore). According to the myth, the ancient king of Athens, Aegeus ended his life in cape Sounion when he saw the boat of his son Theseus returning from Crete with black sails, false sign that his son was dead.

Day 7: Sounio - Lavrio (2h)

After an amazing experience we had on the area of the Western Cycladic Islands, we will have some time to enjoy the sea and the sun at Sounio, before our return to Lavrio port and the final check-out.

Pricing Packages

Make the planning process of your trip an easy job by choosing one of our pricing packages below.

Economy Package
*Prices per Week ( 7 days )

Beneteau Oceanis 37 Family

Yacht Type: 37-56 ft Monohull

Yacht Age:  2006-2011

Capacity: 6-11 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ☓

Fun Pack ☓

Wi-Fi ☓

Drinks ☓

Air-Condition ☓

Standard Package

*Prices per Week ( 7 days )


Yacht Type: 37-51 ft Monohull

Yacht Age:  2012-2021

Capacity: 6-11 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ☓

Fun Pack ✓

Wi-Fi ✓

Drinks ✓

Air-Condition ☓

Luxury Package

*Prices per Week ( 7 days )

Lucia 40 3

Yacht Type: 40-45 ft Catamaran

Yacht Age:  2014-2021

Capacity: 8-10 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ✓

Fun Pack ✓

Wi-Fi ✓

Drinks ✓

Air-Condition ✓

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