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Salamina island

Salamina is the largest Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, about two kilometres (one nautical mile) off-coast from Piraeus and about 16 km west of the centrer of Athens. Salamis Island belongs to the Islands regional unit of the Attica region and it has a  population of 31,776 habitants.

Salamina island is known for the Battle of Salamis, the decisive naval victory of the allied Greek fleet, led by Themistocles, over the Persian Empire in 480 BC. The Battle of Salamis is considered one of the most significant battles in human history.  A Persian victory would’ve stopped the development of ancient Greece. In modern times, it is home to Salamis Naval Base, headquarters for the Hellenic Navy.

The island’s beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets and cosmopolitan atmosphere attracts mostly Athenian people looking for an easy and affordable overnight trip near Athens, or for other visitors who would relish an alternative three-day adventure driving around its weather-beaten roads. As a fishing island, this is a place where someone has the opportunity to taste the best traditional recipes with 100% fresh fish food. High interest museums, ancient theatres and monasteries are also available if someone wishes to explore the Greek culture,

Marina of Salamina


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1. Athens Airport Eleftherios Venizelos

This is the closest airport to the marina.

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2. Taxi to Perama Ferry Terminal

Athens Airport – Perama Port 53 km. / 45 min.

Average Taxi Cost: 55€

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3. Get the Ferry Boat

– No need for ticket reservation
– 1€/person, 5€-6€/car
– minutes to Salamina port: 12 minutes

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4. Taxi from the Port to the Marina

Minutes of drive to the marina: 8
Average cost of the taxi: 8€

Yachting Club of Salamina



Mooring Assistance

The stuff of the marina will help you in case of strong winds.

Electricity & Water

Free of charge 24/7


Refueling vehicles have access to the marina.


Sklavenitis Supermarket – 7 minutes walking
AB Vasilopoulos – 8 minutes walkingMap


1. Kakias Restaurant
2. Drosopigi Restaurant
3. La Scala Bar
4. Tennis Court
5. Yachting Club of Vourkari

Advantages of the marina

Great services that let us offer an earlier check-in

All the services are perfectly cooperating in order to deliver you the boats the earliest possible. Normally the check-in is at 17:00 but we usually have everything ready for you from 13:00 to 15:00.

Very close to the islands of Aegina and Agkistri

You can skip the other busy Athenian marinas and you will be first reaching the islands of Aegina (17 n.m.) and Agkistri (21 n.m.), avoiding the crowding situations in anchoring and mooring.

Easy Berthing

As the marina is not crowded, you can avoid complicated situation in berthing in the massive departure of the boats on Saturday and return on Friday evening. The marina also offers wider berthing spots.

Island Atmosphere

You are already in an island with cosmopolitan atmosphere, great food and many beautiful beaches. You can also be sure that in your last day of your trip, you will also feel like you never came back from the islands.

Traditional Restaurants/High quality food

Find excellent taverns with fresh fish food and traditional recipes of the island. We promise you that this is a place where you can taste one of the best Greek food.

What Our Customers Are Saying about the marina


“Amazing place!Salamina is part of Athens, very close to Pireaus and easy accessible. The tickets for the ferry cost only 1€!Our departure and arrival with the boat was very easy, as the marina is not crowded. There are some excellent tavernas and the supermarket was just 8 minutes away from the boat “


“In the beginning we were just worried when we heard that Salamina is an island…but ok, this is Athens and it’s the best base to start a trip to the Saronic Gulf. Thanks to that place, we were  first to reach the island of Agkistri early in the evening of Saturday, avoiding the crowds. Our “come and go” from the marina was also an easy job. The marina provides excellent services and it is quiet”


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