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Step 1: Choose your crew

Let us know how many people you will be on board and we will provide you an experienced professional skipper!

6 persons are placed on a 3 – double cabin sailing yacht

7-8 persons are placed on a 4 – double cabin sailing yacht

9-10 persons are placed on a 5 – double cabin sailing yacht

11 persons are placed on a 6 – double cabin sailing yacht

Step 2: Choose Your Destination

Choose one of our 11 different routes we have designed based on our experience or create your own program. Either you prefer a destination where you wish to enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the nightlife of each island, either you prefer something more relaxing or adventurous, we give you all those options.

Step 3: Choose Pricing Package

Plan in an easy way your trip by choosing one of our pre-designed pricing packages. If you want to keep it simple and live the Yacht Project X experience on a budget, in a price including the skipper and excellent shaped sailboats 10 to 15 years old, then the Economy package is the right for you. The Standard package includes newer sailboats not older than 1-10 years and some extra benefits plus the skipper. For a unique experience on a catamaran, the Premium package will satisfy your expectations and needs for a more luxury kind of holidays.

Pay and Sail

-First installment: 10% of the total price the day of the reservation

-Second installment: 50% of the total price 60 days before your trip

-Third installment: the remaining 40%, 30 days before your trip.

Enjoy your time on-board!