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Day 1: Mykonos

Welcome to Mykonos, one of the biggest party/cosmopolitan destinations all around the world! We will have the check-in at 17:00, so we suggest you to spend the whole day at the island in order to enjoy its unique lifestyle and the nightlife at Chora.With a maze of tiny streets and whitewashed steps lanes, houses, churches, gathered around its harbor in the middle of a wide bay, the capital of the island promises you a unique night.

Day 2: Mykonos - Rhenia - Naxos (3.5h)

Next day we will sail to Rhenia Island which is little known even to Greeks. A place with no inhabitants, ruins of ancient temples and crystal blue waters. It is one of the few secret paradises in the Greek islands, even though it’s right next to the hyper-popular island of Mykonos. In the evening we will head to the main port/town of Naxos Island. Due to its position, it offers a variety of landscapes, which is quite unique for a Cycladic island town. Its proximity to the sea combined with the large number of tourist attractions and amenities make Naxos Town the most preferable place to be on the island. As the ferry approaches the port, “Portara” immediately catches the traveler’s eye. Portara is actually the Greek word for “big door”. It is an unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo. This is where, according to Greek mythology, Dionysus met Ariadne. Portara was built on a small rocky peninsula called Palatia. Portara and Palatia are a favourite afternoon walk for all those who love the view of an unforgettable sunset.


Day 3: Naxos - Schoinousa (3h)

Οn day 3, after a nice breakfast we will sail a few miles south to the beaches of Naxos for a swimming stop at the beautiful beach of Agios Prokopios which reminds a natural swimming pool. Later on we set sail to the island of Schoinousa where we will have the chance to relax a bit from the party of the previous days. Schoinousa is an untouched island of the Small Cyclades yet again a beautiful scenery for amazing vacation. The island has emerged as an alternative destination for relaxing holidays, away from the bright lights. Secluded beaches, wild landscapes, and little traditional settlements create a distressing atmosphere that never fails to captivate visitors.

Day 4: Schoinousa - Panteronisi - Alyki Paros (3.5h)

Day 5: Alyki Paros - Despotiko - Antiparos (1.5h)

Οn day 4 we will visit the magic islet Panteronisi with the light-blue waters and the wild beauty. The rest of the day will be spent at Alyki in Paros where we will have more time to relax and keep energy for the next 2 crazy days of party.

Day 6: Antiparos - Naousa Paros (3h)

Another one party day today as we are heading north to one of the most famous party locations of Cyclades. Naousa of Paros is a small fishing village on the island of Paros, Greece and one of the most picturesque villages in the Cyclades. But anyone who’s ever visited Naoussa, Paros will tell you how hard it is to find a village surrounded by water quite so blue, one that’s held onto its authentic culture for so long. The traditional, whitewashed architecture and quaint stone-paved streets, the natural shrubberies that color the walkways, and the full moon over the fishing dock at night all combine to give Naoussa an otherworldly sort of beauty. Kolybithres beach or Monastiri beach will be our choice for swimming and spending the day under the sun. At night the location offers several bars and clubs where you could party as much as you wish.

Day 7: Naoussa Paros - Super Paradise Myknos (3h)

Our last day of our trip we are going for a grand final at Mykonos island and free anchoring at Super Paradise Beach. If you feel that you hadn’t enough, you can enjoy some more party at one of the best beach clubs of the Mediterranean. Famous DJ’s, amazing atmosphere and music from another planet will blow your mind in a closing party of that unforgettable experience.



Pricing Packages

Make the planning process of your trip an easy job by choosing one of our pricing packages below.

Economy Package
*Prices per Week ( 7 days )

Beneteau Oceanis 37 Family

Yacht Type: 37-56 ft Monohull

Yacht Age:  2006-2011

Capacity: 6-11 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ☓

Fun Pack ☓

Wi-Fi ☓

Drinks ☓

Air-Condition ☓

Standard Package

*Prices per Week ( 7 days )


Yacht Type: 37-51 ft Monohull

Yacht Age:  2012-2021

Capacity: 6-11 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ☓

Fun Pack ✓

Wi-Fi ✓

Drinks ✓

Air-Condition ☓

Luxury Package

*Prices per Week ( 7 days )

Lucia 40 3

Yacht Type: 40-45 ft Catamaran

Yacht Age:  2014-2021

Capacity: 8-10 persons

  Skipper  ✓

Breakfast  ✓

Fun Pack ✓

Wi-Fi ✓

Drinks ✓

Air-Condition ✓

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